Ambassadors of Change

The main mission of the CSYV’s Ambassadors of Change Program is to educate young Canadians (high school students) about the Holocaust by forging the values of diversity, justice and social inclusiveness.

The program consists of bringing high school students to meet with Holocaust survivors where they share their firsthand experiences about the Shoah with young Canadians of varied faiths and cultures.

The participants then take part in guided group discussions regarding the relevance of the Holocaust’s lessons in today’s world and ways they can promote tolerance and inclusiveness in their own communities. In 2016, close to 200 students from Ontario and Quebec and 10 Holocaust survivors participated in this program.

The CSYV’s Ambassadors of change Program provides students with an opportunity to define their own roles as responsible Canadian citizens.

The personal accounts of Holocaust survivors and witnesses enable the new generation of Canadians to shape their multicultural identity and forge true Canadian values of equality, justice, democracy and respect of fundamental human and civil rights.

The Program helps educate future leaders who will cherish the value of diversity in multicultural Canadian society.

To learn more about how to participate in the Ambassadors of change program, please contact us by E-mail