Honouring Survivors at Queen’s Park

For two decades, the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem (CSYV) in collaboration with the Premier of Ontario has organized an annual ceremony to pay tribute to the Holocaust survivors who rebuilt their lives in Ontario and contributed to the growth of the province.

During the ceremony, the Premier and several MPPs read survivor’s tributes and present the honourees with special certificates of recognition for their Outstanding Achievements and Contributions to the Province of Ontario.

The importance of the Ceremony is twofold: It pays tribute to the Holocaust survivors for their courage — Their stories demonstrate remarkable bravery, faith, and hope to overcome deprivations of the Holocaust and become contributing citizens of Ontario. Second, it provides insight on the Holocaust by giving us first-hand experiences of the Shoah. This allows us to grasp the trajectory of the events and the real truth behind the Holocaust. The Ceremony becomes more important every year as the number of survivors diminishes.

To access survivor’s stories click here:

To nominate a Holocaust Survivor for the 2016 Tribute, please submit the name and story of the Survivor whom you would like recognized to the following:

Email: info@yadvashem.ca

Tel: 416.785.1333

Fax: 416.785.4536

Mail: The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem 265 Rimrock Road, Suite 218

Toronto, ON M3J 3C6

“These 12 extraordinary individuals and their stories of surviving the Holocaust demonstrate that hope and love is a light that shines even in the dark. And they implore us to remain vigilant in our rejection of hate, discrimination and injustice. We will never forget these horrific atrocities as we continue to build a fair and just society for all.,”

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne during the 2016 ceremony.
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne during the 2016 ceremony.