An unexpected life-changing experience through CSYV’s Twinning Program.

Adina Fridman took part in the Twinning Program September 2017, and was paired with Eva Kozower, who perished in the Holocaust. At Adina’s Bat Mitzvah she spoke about her experience participating in this program.

Here is an excerpt from her speech:

“My twin’s name is Eva Kozower and we were paired together because we share the same birthday, May 20th. This past May, Eva would have been 85 years old.

After extensively researching about Eva, I discovered that we possess similar qualities, and in some small way I can relate to her. I would like to tell you Eva’s story.

While doing this project, I had an unexpected life-changing experience. The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem provided me with a copy of the Page of Testimony that had been submitted to them about Eva. I noticed that the name of the submitter of this Page of Testimony was a man named Klaus Zwilsky, and I also found a lot of information online about Eva that had been courtesy of this same man. He is Eva’s first cousin and survived the Holocaust. He now lives Maryland. I went on a bit of an elaborate internet search to find Klaus, not even knowing if he was still alive. One Sunday, my mom and I called that number, and Klaus actually answered the phone. We introduced who we were and why we were calling, and then made sure that he was indeed the Klaus we were looking for, and also that he was comfortable speaking to us. He was truly speechless to hear what I was doing in honour of his cousin. He was overwhelmed, yet was very happy to talk to me about Eva.

I am honoured to have photos and other documents about Eva and her family, so that she can be remembered. I am thankful to be living in a free country, like Canada, where I can be Jewish, attend Jewish schools, and have a Bat Mitzvah where I can share with you information about Eva, so that all of you will also know and remember her.”

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