Coming soon – New Youth Holocaust Education Program

Through its Memorial site, the CSYV aims to establish a new educational program geared especially to the young generation of Canadians to facilitate learning about the Holocaust in both Jewish and non-Jewish schools. Believing that the best way to combat ignorance and intolerance is through education, the CSYV aspires to raise awareness about the Holocaust, to transform the current perception of the Shoah and shape a better society.

The Program aims to increase the knowledge of the Holocaust among the next generation of Canadians thereby forging multiculturalism and respect of human rights. Pursuing this goal, the CSYV is developing new approaches to Holocaust study. This will include a guided tour of the CSYV Memorial site at Earl Bales Park.

With a dedicated memorial site specifically focused on all the aspects of the Holocaust and 210 Canadian graduates of the annual Holocaust Scholarship Program, the CSYV is uniquely positioned to raise awareness about the Shoah among Canadian youth.

Click here to read our case for support for this program.