Empowering Canadian Educators

to Make an Impact in Holocaust Education

CSYV is uniquely positioned to educate Canadians of all ages about the Holocaust through its constantly evolving education programs. To date, over 260 educators have participated in the CSYV Holocaust Scholarship Program. Educators who graduate from the CSYV Holocaust Scholarship Program are able to effectively teach their students about the Holocaust, and engage with them in a meaningful dialogue about the dangers of intolerance and prejudice. These educators become advocates of Holocaust education, ensuring that the universal lessons of the Shoah are conveyed, thereby promoting tolerance and inclusion within the next generation of Canadians.

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The CSYV Holocaust Scholarship Program is comprised of two phases: During the first phase, participants attend an intensive three-week seminar where they visit Holocaust memorial sites and gain the knowledge and tools to teach about the Holocaust from renowned experts in Holocaust studies. In the second phase, they implement best practices in Holocaust education at their educational institutions and in their communities. CSYV gathers information about these best practices, which can be replicated and shared.