CSYV’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning Program

The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem Twinning Program provides a Bar/Bat Mitzvah child with a unique opportunity to mark the occasion in a meaningful educational experience.

Twinning with a child that perished during the Holocaust is an opportunity for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child and their family to do something that has a much larger significance. To remember someone who perished in the Holocaust and was not able to celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah means, to understand that they were unique individuals with a family, a community, friends, likes and dislikes, goals and aspirations. It also means to understand what happened to them during the Holocaust: how they coped with the harsh daily realities, responded to anti-Jewish policies, resisted death, created art and attempted to preserve their human dignity despite the humiliation and suffering inflicted upon them.

By “twinning”, you are doing the mitzvah of keeping that individual’s memory alive, especially during this milestone in your Jewish life – the day of your Bar/Bat mitzvah.

CSYV provides the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child with a Page of Testimony of a child Holocaust victim and a certificate signed by the National Chair and the Executive Director of the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem.

The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem invites its friends to support the Twinning Program with a donation. A gift to CSYV in honour of this milestone is a lasting and meaningful way to celebrate a special occasion. Donations can be designated for general support or to specific programs and giving opportunities.

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Rachel Tanenzap

Throughout my experience with the Yad Vashem twinning project, I have discovered and learned many new things. I have learned about a young girl’s life in the Holocaust and how things might have felt for her. I also learned a little bit about my family during the Holocaust. I made connections between her life and my great grandparents. Seeing these connections showed me how much the circumstances for Jews in Europe were very similar and how terrible it was. It also made me appreciate how blessed I am and in what a fortunate world and time I live in.

Rachel Tanenzap

(From left to right: Rachel’s Mother -Jodi Tanenzap, Twining Participant – Rachel Tanenzap, National Executive Director – Ester Driham)

“While participating in this program, I had an unexpected life-changing experience! The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem provided me with a copy of the Page of Testimony that had been submitted to them about Eva Kozower who perished in the Holocaust as a child. Through my research in this program, I discovered Eva’s first cousin who and survived the Holocaust and lives in Maryland. We connected and he was truly speechless to hear what I was doing in honour of his cousin. I am honoured to have photos and other documents about Eva and her family, so that she can be remembered.” Read Adina’s full story…

Adina Fridman

“I decided to participate in the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem’s twinning program so that I could better understand the experiences of children during the war. I decided to twin with Miryam Judith Natanson because we share the same birthday. By participating in the program, I’m helping to keep Miryam’s memory alive. Researching her life was very interesting and made me feel connected to the events of the Holocaust in a meaningful way.”

Yael Jackson