Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

“Your stories, while they are incredibly difficult to recount and to hear, must be told and heard. It is through your stories, through your personal accounts of suffering, pain and loss that we learn”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
President Nicolas Sarkozy

“I remember well at the end of a long hallway, a large room, filled with thousands of small lights and the names of children. This was the whisper of innocent souls. I said then to myself that without a doubt this is the politic: To place a barrier before the madness of men and to refuse to be carried away by the madness of men. I was changed at Yad Vashem.”

President Nicolas Sarkozy
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

“These stories of surviving the Holocaust demonstrate that hope and love is a light that shines even in the dark. And they implore us to remain vigilant in our rejection of hate, discrimination and injustice. We will never forget these horrific atrocities as we continue to build a fair and just society for all.,”

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

Wladyslaw and Petronela Ziolo

Klaas and Jetske Dreijer

Bernhardina and Elizabeth Gertruida van de Pol

Karolina Juszczykowska

Julia Ciurko

“I would not have been able to develop the programs that I have delivered to students and communities, nor would I have been able to have helped our school division implement an annual Holocaust Symposium for grade 11 students had it not been for the important training opportunities provided by the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem.”
Curriculum Coach, Horizon School Division

Larry MikulcikHumboldt, Saskatchewan

“The CSYV memorial site at Earl Bales Park stands here as a reminder and hopefully will inspire future generations to gather and remember. As your eyes scrutinize the site, they will find familiar places, familiar names etched into the metal. It will take them on a journey into the past. They will think of the people we lost, their deeds and their achievements. When we light the torch on the top of the monument, we will think of the flame as the flame of hope, the flame of life, but most of all the flame of remembrance….Remember Us- is all the victims asked for.”

Gerda FriebergHolocaust Survivor and one of the founders of CSYV

“Over the past decade the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem has been selecting educators to participate in the Yad Vashem Summer International Seminar. These educators are middle school, high school and university lecturers. This very intensive 19-day seminar is a challenging educational experience. The Canadian educators have been outstanding in their passion, dedication and determination to take back the academic and pedagogical tools that we provide for them, to their students and classrooms, from all over Canada. This is one of the most important educational endeavors that I run in my department.”

Ephraim KayeDirector, The Jewish World and International Seminars, The International School for Holocaust Studies Yad Vashem, Jerusalem